Bree for #theMArawseries

Bree for #theMArawseries | Shot by her best friend Carly | in their hometown Newcastle. 

Five words to describe myself...Well travelled, who's found home

I did this project because...I love to support young, passionate & creative women in business and I have a huge appreciation for quality made and wearable classic design - all the above are manifested at MA.

Beauty is....Something inspiring and that gives light. A moment, a person, an object, a space or a feeling

The important women in my life could be described as...Soft yet assertive, aspiring yet appreciative, inspiring & confident.

If I could invite anyone to dinner it would be.... Tough to only name one - I'd happily nominate my best friend Carly, or my boy friend. But in the spirit of an opportunity to pick anyone, I'd say Phoebe Philo - she's doing amazing fun things with a synergy in fashion and interior design.

Bree xxx

Taegan Reid